BookScanning.com is one of the leading book scanning and document imaging services on the web. We specialize in books, magazines, pamphlets and other documents.
With BookScanning.com, you can

  •  Digitize book collections for archival purposes
  •  Scan books into Word documents and PDF for print-on-demand
  •  Convert book images, charts and diagrams into multiple formats

Our high quality precision scanning techniques can handle text and images, giving you a seamless conversion from print to digital format.


Why Use BookScanning.com?


There are several reasons why you’d want to consider using a scanning service.  First, you can have your existing books digitized so that they can be preserved and stored on a computer.  This is ideal for rare or antique books.  What’s more, unlike other document imaging companies, we use the highest quality control procedures to keep your existing book intact.  We do not rip the binding off or tear out the pages in order to scan your book.


What Format is My Digitized Book Saved As?


There are several formats that can be used to digitize your book, with several options that can work for your specific needs.

For example, if you have medical texts or building plans with several schematics, charts and diagrams, your books can be scanned into computer image files such as TIFF, or JPEG which can be saved and viewed on any computer.

If you’d rather be able to print, share and sell your book online as an ebook, we recommend having your book scanned as a PDF.  PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and is one of the most popular ways to search, bookmark and share a book’s contents.  PDF is ideal for both eBooks and print-on-demand publishing services (such as Lulu, CreateSpace, Kunaki and so forth).


How Are My Books Scanned?


Having scanned hundreds of books, we understand that proper care must be taken to avoid damaging the book.  We use a proprietary system that combines detailed OCR (optical character recognition), image enhancement, full-page capture and rendering, and text/image restoration for damaged or illegible characters.  The end result – your book is fully scanned with all of the details and qualities of the original.


eBook Conversion Service


Your existing books can be scanned into a digital format that can be read on most computers and eBook readers.  With this format, you have greater flexibility in working with the book.  Entire pages can be searched in a single click, you can add bookmarks to help readers follow important information,  add links to internet websites, make images clickable and much more.


All of this can be handled for you with absolutely no technical experience required. 


We’ll keep you updated every step of the way by uploading parts of the book to our hosted server for you to view and comment on.  Once the process has been completed, we’ll send you both the digital version of your book and mail you back the original.  You can also optionally choose to have your digitized book stored on CD to protect against damage or loss.


What Other Types of Books And Documents Do You Scan?


We can effortlessly handle hardback and paperback books, as well as magazines, newspapers, textbooks, documents, ripped out articles from magazines, old user guides, receipts and more.  With nearly a decade of outstanding customer service, we’ve worked with books both large and small, foreign language books and much more.


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